Bamboo Toothbrush Stand

Bamboo Toothbrush Stand

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These bamboo stands hold your FETE toothbrush and are a perfect addition for any household. They are 100% biodegradable and aesthetically designed to be a stylish addition to your bathroom. A great way to organise your toothbrushes while still keeping a natural design to your bathroom decor.

They are natural, elegant and well crafted with an organic wooden texture covering the holder. They are heavy enough to keep your toothbrush upright and secure and are easy to clean.

Holder is 4cm high and 4cm wide.

  • Aesthetically crafted and designed to bring style to your bathroom countertop – keeping your toothbrushes organised while keeping your bathroom looking natural and elegant
  • Holds one toothbrush per cup so each member of the family has their own, keeps the toothbrush standing up allowing it to dry out and stay clean. Sold individually and in sets of 4
  • It’s made of bamboo that is biodegradable and eco friendly, helping your carbon footprint. Bamboo is naturally resistant to mold, bacteria and bugs, so these stands are also a hygienic choice
  • The holder is heavy enough to keep your toothbrush secure and upright and is also resistant to moisture